Cover Reveal! – The Potbaker’s Niece

Westerwald, Germany, in the middle of the 17th century 13-year-old Johanna has lost her entire family to the plague. All she has left is an unknown uncle who works as a potter in the potbakers‘ land. To survive the commotion of the Thirty Years’ War, her neighbor dresses her up as a boy. Johanna enjoys„Cover Reveal! – The Potbaker’s Niece“ weiterlesen

The Healer’s Legacy – Review

Hope in the face of tragedy, courage in the face of adversity, faithfulness spanning centuries, magic and dragonflies – those are the ingredients of the Healer’s saga by word magician Helen Pryke. She is not afraid of making her characters suffer, so have a box of tissues to hand if you venture into the Tuscan„The Healer’s Legacy – Review“ weiterlesen

The Cottage on Winter Moss – Review

A story about a writer seeking inspiration, set in a remote village on the coast, instantly appealed to me. Knowing it was written by Allie Cresswell, an author I greatly admire, I was certain it would be good. I was not disappointed. In fact, the story was so absorbing, I had trouble letting go of„The Cottage on Winter Moss – Review“ weiterlesen

The Quirks Of Being Bilingual-Knifflige Zweisprachigkeit

Being bilingual is a wonderful thing. Almost all my life, I have enjoyed being able to communicate fluently in two languages and to read books in the language they were written in, not having to rely on translations. Being a bilingual author, however, does have its challenges. Late me give you a little tour of„The Quirks Of Being Bilingual-Knifflige Zweisprachigkeit“ weiterlesen

The Dragon – Der Drache

Back in June, 1991 I wrote a poem. I must admit that I haven’t thought of it in years. Now, however, it suddenly has a painful relevance again. Here’s the voice of my 21 year-old self: The DragonA tremour runs through the groundMaking the trees murmur in anxious foreboding.Their whisper rises to a violent roarUnder„The Dragon – Der Drache“ weiterlesen

The Hoarder’s Widow by Allie Cresswell – Review

Ever since Tall Chimneys, my very first encounter with author Allie Cresswell, I have been impressed with the psychological depth of her characters as well as the absolute beauty of her writing. The sheer poetry of her language isn’t as pronounced in this book as it was in the others I’ve read, yet the story„The Hoarder’s Widow by Allie Cresswell – Review“ weiterlesen

Christmas with Granny McPherson – Book Review

She’s done it again. And this time she’s even done it despite the fact that this book was written in first person present tense, which I usually hate. Nellie K. Neves made me read this story through within 24 hours. She had me riveted, laughing and thoroughly enjoying myself. So what is it all about?„Christmas with Granny McPherson – Book Review“ weiterlesen

Go tell the bees that I’m gone – An Outlander Review

Last year, I started re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon in preparation for the release of book 9, Go tell the bees that I’m gone. The first book in the series is one of my most-read books ever, bringing to life my memories of various visits to Scotland. I have read this story approximately„Go tell the bees that I’m gone – An Outlander Review“ weiterlesen

Alte Schätze / Old Treasures

In meinem neuen Bücherregal gibt es einen Boden für alte Schätze: Bücher, die ich von meinen Eltern geerbt oder in Antiquariaten gekauft habe. Neulich habe ich mir die Mühe gemacht, nach den Erscheinungsdaten zu forschen, und ich stellte fest, dass ich einige Bücher besitze, die über 100 Jahre alt sind. Der Star dieser Abteilung ist„Alte Schätze / Old Treasures“ weiterlesen

Wie lange noch? / How much longer?

Was hast Du mir getan, Ewiger, dass ich leide an dieser Welt? Was hast Du mir getan, Ewiger, als Du das steinerne Herz aus meiner Brust nahmst und mir ein fleischernes gabst?Erdrückend ist die Last des Leides.Fern gerückt die Hoffnung auf Erlösung. Hilflos meine schwachen Hände, als würde ich die Flut mit einem Sieb bekämpfen.Wie„Wie lange noch? / How much longer?“ weiterlesen