The Hoarder’s Widow by Allie Cresswell – Review

Ever since Tall Chimneys, my very first encounter with author Allie Cresswell, I have been impressed with the psychological depth of her characters as well as the absolute beauty of her writing. The sheer poetry of her language isn’t as pronounced in this book as it was in the others I’ve read, yet the story„The Hoarder’s Widow by Allie Cresswell – Review“ weiterlesen

Christmas with Granny McPherson – Book Review

She’s done it again. And this time she’s even done it despite the fact that this book was written in first person present tense, which I usually hate. Nellie K. Neves made me read this story through within 24 hours. She had me riveted, laughing and thoroughly enjoying myself. So what is it all about?„Christmas with Granny McPherson – Book Review“ weiterlesen

Go tell the bees that I’m gone – An Outlander Review

Last year, I started re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon in preparation for the release of book 9, Go tell the bees that I’m gone. The first book in the series is one of my most-read books ever, bringing to life my memories of various visits to Scotland. I have read this story approximately„Go tell the bees that I’m gone – An Outlander Review“ weiterlesen

Girl from the Tree House by Gudrun Frerichs

This book came to my attention when the author enquired about a translation into German. I was totally baffled by the whole concept. Not the translation, that’s easy enough to grasp, but by the concept of writing a book about a person with multiple personalities from the point of view of these varied personalities. I„Girl from the Tree House by Gudrun Frerichs“ weiterlesen

Pre-approved Identity Theft by Nellie K. Neves

This book is a fun read with a truly wild idea – switch lives with someone you don’t know at all, just because you look alike! On her wedding day, Harper Sutton climbs out of the bathroom window and escapes from marrying a man she never cared about. She ends up on the West coast„Pre-approved Identity Theft by Nellie K. Neves“ weiterlesen

Rotto! Kylie & die Quokkas von Rottnest Island von Jonathan Macpherson

English belowWisst ihr, was ein Quokka ist? Bis vor kurzem wusste ich das noch nicht, aber oben auf dem Bild seht ihr einen. Muss ich mehr sagen? Na gut, es ist ein Kurzschwanzkänguru. Links daneben ist Jonathan Macpherson, Autor des Kinderbuches Rotto! Kylie und die Quokkas von Rottnest Island. Ich hatte das überaus große Vergnügen,„Rotto! Kylie & die Quokkas von Rottnest Island von Jonathan Macpherson“ weiterlesen

Liebe und Widerstand im II. Weltkrieg / Love and Resistance in Worldwar II – Marion Kummerow

Nachdem ich nun den dritten Teil der Weltkriegstrilogie von Marion Kummerow übersetzt habe, möchte ich euch diese beeindruckende Reihe einmal vorstellen. Darf ich vorstellen? Wilhelm Quedlin, kurz Q, Wissenschaftler, Erfinder, Kommunist. Bisher lebte er für seine Arbeit, doch das ändert sich, als er im Kino eine Frau aus tiefstem Herzen lachen hört. Die Frau ist„Liebe und Widerstand im II. Weltkrieg / Love and Resistance in Worldwar II – Marion Kummerow“ weiterlesen

After She Fell by Amber Laura

Congratulations to romance author Amber Laura on her new release! Christina does everything to make her life as perfect as possible. She works hard and is the foundation of her boss’s success. Her appearance, her schedule, her activities – everything screams perfection. There’s just one tiny little problem: It’s not real. Behind her mask of„After She Fell by Amber Laura“ weiterlesen

Review of ‚The Lost Girls‘ by Helen Pryke

One of my favorite authors has written a new book and of course I had to read it right away. Helen Pryke moved genres once more and now entered the realm of mystery and thriller. A thrilling read it was, indeed, presented in her usual beautiful and capturing style. It never takes me long to„Review of ‚The Lost Girls‘ by Helen Pryke“ weiterlesen

Review of the Lindy Johnson Series by Nellie K. Neves

Welcome to the Lindy Johnson series! Having met the author in a facebook group, I got curious about her writing, bought two of her books and boy, did I get a wild ride! I read both books back to back, luckily at a time when book 3 is already on the horizon, due to be„Review of the Lindy Johnson Series by Nellie K. Neves“ weiterlesen