Christmas with Granny McPherson – Book Review

She’s done it again. And this time she’s even done it despite the fact that this book was written in first person present tense, which I usually hate. Nellie K. Neves made me read this story through within 24 hours. She had me riveted, laughing and thoroughly enjoying myself.

So what is it all about?
The story has alternating points of view. One is Evan, who is a successful cook book author. However, he is not everybody’s sweetheart, socially awkward and therefore hired an old lady to front as the dearie who came up with all the wonderful recipes. Until the day the old lady blows her cover and leaves Evan and his manager in panic.
The other is Brooke, who is single-handedly trying to run a bed and breakfast despite the fact that she can’t cook and burns down her kitchen, trying.
Enter the manager with the brilliant idea of creating a social media event, featuring Evan in Brooke’s bed and breakfast out in the country, show cooking and baking to establish a new brand.
The whole thing is hilarious. There are cameras and strange media folks all over the place, everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong and is then miraculously saved by the simply fact that sparks are flying right, left and center between Brooke and Evan. There are snowball fights, food fights, tender moments, awkwardness and more and more glimpses into the past that explain how both of them ended up being who they are. And all this happens under the spotlight glare of social media.

There were any number of scenes that had me whooping and laughing out loud and while a clean read, the erotic tension created had just the right momentum. Those of you who have been following me a while longer know that I’m a big fan of Nellie and her awesome writing. I shied away from her most recent series, though, for the simple fact that it’s written in first person present tense. I grabbed this book because it was a freebie without checking. I just might overcome my apprehensions now. This story was just too much fun and if you want to, you even have some food for thought about the influence of social media on our lives and what it means to believe in yourself. Oh, and while set in the winter before Christmas, it’s not heavily Christmas themed and can easily be read out of season.

Images by Nellie K. Neves, used by permission.

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