Pre-approved Identity Theft by Nellie K. Neves

This book is a fun read with a truly wild idea – switch lives with someone you don’t know at all, just because you look alike!

Pre-Approved Identity Theft (English Edition) von [Neves, Nellie K.]

On her wedding day, Harper Sutton climbs out of the bathroom window and escapes from marrying a man she never cared about. She ends up on the West coast and meets a woman who looks so much like her, that she comes up with a crazy plan. Harper is supposed to step into Indigos life while she takes off on a two week vacation her boss didn’t grant her time off for. Sounds nuts? It is. But Harper is on the run from her controling parents and assuming a different identity is just the thing she needs.
She manages the impossible and slips into the other life without creating a massive stir. Of course her colleages at work are a bit suprised at her new attitude, but she pulls it off. Enter Declan, the analyst. A bit nerdy, but good-looking, they form a work team first, but it grows into much more. Until Harper wishes, Indigo would never return from her vacation.

The story pulled me in right from the start – maybe it was the idea of the bride in a 20,000 $ dress riding her horse to the airport. I liked how she stayed true to herself through it all, while at the same time hating her for being such a coward and not being straight with the man she falls in love with.
All of the characters, no matter how important they are to the story, are alive and believable with their little quirks and edges, especially Declan with his sugar-crazy daughter and his guarded heart. Their lovestory made me cheering them on, hoping against all hope she would find the nerve to tell him the truth before her make-believe world is shattered from outside.
Towards the last third of the book, however, her constant revolving around the ‚I’m afraid to tell him but I love him so much‘ theme got a bit repetitive, but that was made up for with a twist I absolutely didn’t see coming.
My only other point of critique is the use of first person present tense, I really don’t care for it, personally. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed this book! Not quite as awesome and gritty as the Lindy Johnson series I’ve read by this author, but definitely good.

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