The Healer’s Legacy – Review

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Hope in the face of tragedy, courage in the face of adversity, faithfulness spanning centuries, magic and dragonflies – those are the ingredients of the Healer’s saga by word magician Helen Pryke.
She is not afraid of making her characters suffer, so have a box of tissues to hand if you venture into the Tuscan mountains. You will be rewarded with vivid descriptions, lots of tension and powerful women, who will become so real to you they will feel like friends or even sisters. It is a mixture of contemporary women’s fiction, historical fiction and fantasy, hovering on the verge of the supernatural, and that makes for a very special tale indeed.

The Healer’s legacy is the final book of the series and follows Gemma, whose mother was burned at the stake as a witch (the heart-wrenching story of that is told in The Healer’s Betrayal). Filled with hunger for revenge, Gemma flees her Italian home in search of her uncle in France, whom she believes to be guilty of causing her late mother heartache beyond measure. Once there, nothing is as she expected and she realizes she must decide whether to pursue revenge or the healing that has been her family’s vocation for generations. Accompanied by her secret warden, the damselfly, Gemma finds new friends, learns new skills and even falls in love before she returns to Italy and the grove that is the healers‘ home.

The author manages once again to weave a colorful net out of the threads of past and present, curse and blessing, magic and reality. It is so easy to fly through the pages, to get completely absorbed in the story. Actually, I haven’t read a single book by this author I could easily put aside. And I have read most of them. There were passages in this book that gave me goosebumps from the sheer beauty of the scenes, passages you want to read over and over again not because of what they mean for the story, but because they are a piece of art in themselves. So yes, I definitely recommend this book, a truly epic finale to an amazing series.

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