After She Fell by Amber Laura

Congratulations to romance author Amber Laura on her new release!

After She Fell (English Edition) von [Amber Laura]

Christina does everything to make her life as perfect as possible. She works hard and is the foundation of her boss’s success. Her appearance, her schedule, her activities – everything screams perfection. There’s just one tiny little problem: It’s not real. Behind her mask of perfection struggles a deeply wounded soul and anyone trying to reach out to that soul gets their fingers slapped. Especially Jason.

Jason is her boss’s son and therefore off limits. Unfortunately, he’s not only extremely attractive, he also seems to have made it his personal mission to put a dent into Christina’s perfect image. She hates him for it. And yet he manages to steal a kiss from her on the fateful night they are stuck in a blizzard.

May I be honest? At the beginning of the story, Christina annoyed me. I hate people like that, who are never honest to you because their image is more important to them than real feelings. If I had met her, I’d have steered wide of her forever after. And this is where the author’s tremendous talent comes into the spotlight: How well did she create this ficticious character to have me react like that?

As in all her books, Amber Laura is a master at creating this sizzling atmosphere romance readers are hunting for. If you want the chemistry, the sparks flying between the characters, the butterflies twirling in your own stomach while you read, search no further. It’s all here. Add to that the humorous banter between Christina and Jason, who miss no chance of picking on each other, and the psychological depth that is revealed as the story unfolds, combined with the hope and heartache of whether they get together or not, and you have a mesmerizing tale you’ll find hard to put down.

And just because I can, I will mention here the last novel I read by this author: Twentyseven-tiered Almond Cake. One of my absolute favorite reads last year and one I keep coming back to in my mind. That cake did something to me.

Highly recommended!

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