The Way of Life

Book 3 of the Way of Life Series

Josie couldn’t have been happier. The young artist is in love with a great guy, has friends and a good job. Everything is super, until her world view clashes violently with Jim’s.

There is no way around a separation, but both of them suffer badly until they are finally ready to give up everything just to be together again. But will they still be themselves? And is there anything at all that can free Josie of the untold guilt weighing her down?

In this epic finale of the Way of Life series the reader will experience the full scale of human emotion while they hope and fear with Josie and Jim.

Reader’s voices

– There are a lot of deep meanings for everyone in the book in one way or another, it raises questions and issues that affect us all. I would guess that some of the issues can relate to readers on a personal level. I really enjoyed the book and I recommend it as a good read.

– I’m lost for words. I have just finished reading „The Way of Life“. Never ever has a book captured me in this way, it feels like it was written for me to read it, and just at the right time, too.

– I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is completely different to other novels out there. Unique and thought-provoking. With an abundance of detail and strong characters. I enjoyed how Christian beliefs are upheld and the message how God loves everyone, regardless of their background.
I like the way the characters have developed along the way.

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