Out of the Dark

Book 2 of the Way of Life Series

„I’m not going to use you for my pleasure.“
To Josie, this sentence proves more than anything that this man is unlike any other she ever met.
Fleeing from a troublesome past and a law career outlined for her by her ambitiuos parents, the young painter leaves New York to find out who she really is. She ends up working in a diner in Northwestern Oklahoma where she meets Jim, a handsome but shy cowboy.
The two of them instantly connect.
Crossing a chasm of cultural and personal background, their loves grows gradually deeper – despite Jim’s relentless Christian convictions and the shadow of trauma that Josie strives to keep secret.

Will they find a way through the jungle of their differences to make their love last?

Enjoy this unique love story set in the midst of everyday life with a colorful cast of characters, rich in detail and true to the heart.

Reader’s voices

– The author uses descriptive narrative incredibly well, so that the reader lives each character’s experiences with them and becomes deeply involved in their lives.
Josie has had a traumatic experience in her past, which still has an effect on her now but, despite this, she has a wonderfully bubbly personality and gets on well with people. She also has a deep empathy towards others who are suffering, which she uses subconsciously to help them.
Jim is a shy man who has always had problems connecting with people, his religious beliefs have kept him holding back until he finds the right woman. When he meets Josie, the two of them form a deep bond that goes beyond love. But Josie must overcome the traumatic events of her past in order to be able to form a future with Jim.
I loved this book, Annette Spratte has a wonderful way of writing that is easy to read, but at the same time pulls you into the story until you feel as if you are a part of the book yourself. It is a romance with Christian tones but don’t let that put you off as the story is so much more, it is a story of courage and hope that many women will be able to identify with

I think the author did a great job at developing interesting and deep characters. The detail is extraordinarily crafted. The story of Josie is so beautiful and Jim is such a great supporting character. I grew up in a small country town, riding our horses down the back roads. It brought back some great memories and really touched my heart.

– The book’s greatest strength lies in its characters. Annette does a beautiful job uncovering these figures–their stories, their pasts, and their hopes. The characters are honest and raw, and the redemptive elements of the story feel real. The changes that happen to Josie and Jim are authentic and moving.

The book deals with important life themes – stale religion, true faith, childhood hurt, and ugly pasts. Josie arrives in an Oklahoma small town from the heights of NYC, and we watch her struggle to come to terms with her past and figure out what really matters in life. We watch Jim’s quiet presence change her. In the dust and open roads of a small town, something happens to Josie. What the book ultimately leaves the reader with, in an understated way, is a simple quality that changes everything – love. It’s a story about the power of simple acts of kindness.

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