The Potbaker’s Niece

Johanna has lost her entire family to the plague. She dresses up as a boy and sets out to find her uncle, a potter unknown to her. In the midst of the 30 Years‘ War, she fights to live her passion.


The Silent Maid

Daniel is puzzled by a maid who never speaks and is shunned by all. The last words of the old Master of Horse hint at a gruesome secret…

Survivor –
Way of Life 1

Nineteen year old Josie is stuck in boarding school and there are only two ways out:
Graduate or commit suicide.

Out of the Dark –
Way of Life 2

Josie never expected to find love in a small town in the middle of nowhere. When she left New York to start over, she was only searching for herself. But when the tall horseman looks deep into her eyes, she feels a connection she always dreamed of but never thought could be real.

The Way of Life –
Way of Life 3

Josie couldn’t be happier. The young artist is in love with a great guy, has friends and a good job. Everything is super, until her view on life clashes with Jim’s.

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